See Batholomew Martin Family Pictures (Early dates)

Born: November 15, 1836, Fontvannes, France
Died: June 5, 1878, West Berkeley, Ca
Buried: Oakland Catholic Cemetery, Oakland, Ca, unmarked grave in sight of Univ. of Cal. campus, in "unconsecrated ground"

Married: 1862
Wife: Mary Jaro, born "Marie Giroux," Canada (August 10, 1837 - October 29, 1921 in Leominster, Ma), Buried in Shirley Village Cemetery, Shirley, Ma. As a young girl she worked on the Smedley Farm, No. Ferrisburg, Vt., room and board $8.00 a month, making cheese and doing general work. She is buried in sight of the graves of Joseph Lewis Deering and Esther Elizabeth (Gates) Deering. Bartholomew and Mary Martin's great-granddaughter, Joan A (Martin) Deering, married Joseph Lewis Deering's son, James Porter Deering, a remarkable coincidence) see: Shirley Massachusetts Cemetery.

Son:  Theophilus Martin - (died in infancy, no dates)
Son:  Henry Desires Martin (Nov. 15, 1865 - Aug. 16, 1938)
Josephine Martin (died in infancy, no dates, buried Copake, NY)
Daughter: Mary Louise "May" Martin (June 15, 1869 - December 4, 1949)
 Phoeba Julia Martin (September 8, 1872 - February 3, 1931)
  Herbert Virgil Martin (February 16, 1874 - August 6, 1933)
Alice Sarah Martin (October 23, 1878 - July 21, 1929)

Occupation: Charcoal maker

Mother of Bartholomew: Unrecorded

Father of Bartholomew: Unrecorded


From notes taken down by Garland C. Martin, as told him by his father, Henry Desires Martin. From Williamstown, Mass where Bartholomew first settled, he went to Mt. Riga, Henry Desires Martin born 11/15/1865 near Salisbury, Ct. Mt. Riga to Falls Village Ct., Millerton, Ct. (Jenck's store) to Copake Iron Works, N.Y., bringing HDM to age of 4. Then to Lenowee County, St. Paul, Min. back to Mt. Washington cabin, age 5. Built house on Mt. Washington, started making charcoal on large scale. Woods burnt up, HDM age 6 (fled their cabinm, custart pies put down for the dog, cabin spared.) Built house on Martin farm, Mt. Wash. age 7. Bartholomew became head farmer for Walsh farm on Mt. Wash.

Quote from letter from HDM to Garland, "It touched me to realize you had been to old bash bish Falls - Yes I have been all around there, and up and down that old winding road many times. I have never walked up and down that mt. but Grampa Martin has walked down and up, and carried groceries back ono his back, and there might have been a pair of boots hanging on his soulders for me. It was on that mountain that my father earned the cash to take us west and back and to Calif. He never returned: He is buried in sight of the "Campanile of the U. of Cal... On Mt Wash. I went to shcool with the Spurrs, Silvernails, Weavers, Whitbecks, Ostranders, Mellins and Dibbles. Remnants of these families or descendants still keep the Mt. up. Enclose sketch of roadway and approx. points of interest. .. Our farm now all wooded."

Quote from newspaper, 1949 "The little town of Mt. Wash. now has elect. This is the smallest town in the state and the last one to get elect. Five homeshave been wired and 17 more will have lights by th end of the year." Another, 1933: "Mt. Wash. southern berkshire... had no births, no marriages, no deaths.. no welfare, no town debt... 9 pupils, 60 inhabitanta.: Another, 1974: "Mt. Wahs. with 61 residents is Mass. smallest town. --5 chil. moving in to town, Sch. budget increased by more than 50%."

Went to Calif-San Francisco, stopped at old Pacific Hotel, across bay to Oakland (in Temescal), then to Berkley, in laundry bus. short time. Lived on sea shore, cottage built on Ind. burial ground. Bought lot and built house on 6th street. Sold and built on 7th St. where they were i fruit business. Bartholomew died 6/5/1878. Family moved to Williamstown, Mass. Sept. 1878.

HDM started to learn cotton mfg 1879, at Walley mfg. co. Williamstown, Mass.
for Adams Brothers. Mfg. Co. Adams, Ma, Fall 18--
asst. overseer, Plunkett Mills, Adams, Ma, overseer. Oned house on West. St. next to last on lft.
Samson Cordage Works, Shirley, Mass. 188-, Overseeing spinning 4 yr.
Superintendent 4 yr. Dominion Cotton Mfg. Co. Fall, 1897
Moncton Halifax Winds... Nova Scotia,
Asst. Genl Manager Tenn. Mfg. Co, Nashville 1898
Supt. McBride's store, Charlestown, Ma 1899
Hamilton mfg. co. Amesbury, Ma. 1899
Settled his mother in Shirley, Ma 1899
Johnson Mfg. Co. Madison, Ind. 1899, 1900
Married Clara Cambridge Oct. 1900
Newry, S. Carolina, Courtenay Mft. Co
Shirley, Mass Cotton Mill 1900-03
Phila. Pa William P. Troth Co
Pittsfield, Ma, J.L. Peck Co (Lived w. Actor Dannielsoon, Ct. Danielson Cotton Mill
Fall River Ma 934 Middle St. Feb 1903

Garland Born June 17, 1904

Middletown, Ct. I. E. Palmer Co. Hammocks
Warren, R. I. 656 S. Main, Parker Mills

Glen born June 17, 1906

Clinton, Mass. 199 Chrstnut St. Lancaster Mills, Oct 1906

Prescott born 1/30/19--
Christine born June 4, 1915

Middletown, Ct. Pomery Pl, Palmer Co.
Putnam, Ct. Textile Sch. Head, Jan 1914
Lowell, Ma. 94 D St. Boot Mills, Mar. 19--

Clarence Born June 4, 1915

Newmarket, N.H. back of library
New Mft  North Brookfield, Ma,
Pheonix Linen 3/19--
Selma, Atlanta, Selma Mfg. Co. December 1917
Warren, R.I. Child St.
Parker Mills
Jan Metcomet Spinning Co. 1923 Mansfield, Ma 5 Branch Street
Jos. Thompson Co. Valley Falls
W.A. Harder co., Valatie, NY
Griffin, Ga 205 N. 13th street, Griffin Mfg.
Charlestown, N.C.
Willimason Mills Oct. 1
HDM alone, rented house, family man Simsbury, Ct.
Ensign Bickford Co. June 19-- Fall River, Ma. Franklin St,
Howard Arthur Mills, Sept 1928 Mansfield, Ma. 5 Branch St. Jan 1929
HDM sarted for Amedabad, India, Feb 19--
Arrived london, advised by the consul that to turn back due to his health and internal troubles in India. Mr. Ranchodl Amratli-- had studied my father's bks on cotton and had them published in one volume. HDM worked up a rural route far and wide around Mansfield, selling cloth, thread notions, etc., which he continued until his death in 1938. Also wrote for many textile publications until his death