James Alfred Gaetz (Gates) Family Chart


Born: March 3, 1848, , Lun, NS
Christened: May 28, 1848, , Lun, NS
Died: 1935, Blandford, Lunenburg NS There is a listing of James G. Gates in the Old Gates Cemetery Documents (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~canns/lunenburg/oldgates.html ) married to Elizabeth 1850-1939)

Married: November, 28, 1876, Lunenburg, Lunenburg NS

Wife: Elizabeth (Sarah) Dorey November 28, 1876, Lunenburg NS
Born: December 11, 1848, Lunenburg, Lunenburg NS
Christened: April 6, 1849, Lunenburg, Lunenburg NS
Died: July 29, 1939 (Prob. Lunenburg, Lunenburg NS)

Notes: Elizabeth Sarah Dorey
Her original family name was De Arrs, then Dares, and finally Dorey (or Dores). The Great Great Great Grandfather of Sarah was a deserter from a French wine ship somewhere near Halifax, N.S.
Joe Dorey, grandfather of Sarah, married a Morash.
Joseph De Arrs (De'ares), Father of Sarah.
Sarah Publicover, Mother of Sarah

Notes: James Alfred Gates and Sarah Elizabeth Dorey were married at Lunenburg, N.S. on November 28, 1876 at St. John's Parish by Henry L. Owen, Rector, and wittnessed by William Gates, brother of the groom and Gorgina Dorey, sister of the bride. He was apparently a fisherman turned farmer.

Brother: William Gates


Son: Ira Norman Gates Born: August 30, 1877, Blandford, Lun, NS Died: August 5, 1953
            Married: to Bessie Lewis

Son: Emrick Paul Gates Born: September 28, 1880, Blandford, Lun, NS Died: June 00, 1964 - hospital infection
            Married: Nellie Elizabeth Porter, from Cochituat, MA

Son: Heman Eli Gates Born: January 10, 1882, Blandford, Lun, NS Died
            Married: Pheobe Publicover

Daughter: Amanda Gates (only source was a picture with James A. at "Aunt Amanda's house" taken by someone in the Emrick Paul Gates family)

Father: Possibly - Wilhelm Heinrigh Gaetz

Mother: Sophia E. Zinck, July 16, 1844, Lunenburg NS
            Born: 1824, , Lun, NS
            Died: April 5, 1891, Blandford, Lun, NS