Ayer High School Acappella Choir,
Ayer Jr. - Sr. High School, Washington Street, Ayer MA

The Ayer High School A Capella Choir - In Concert
Sacred Music of the 15-17-19th Century
Pianist - Miss Frances Clay
Soloist - Mrs. William Voiers
Harvard Town Hall, Harvard, MA

00. 1964-03-27 AHS Harvard Concert

01. Inter Vestibulum 2.52
02. I Have a Wondrous Joy - Johann Stohaus 1.03
03. Ave Maria - Jean Mouton 3.04

Selectsion from "A German Requiem" Johannes Braham's (Ayer Jr. Sr. High School Cafe-torium)

04 - Blessed Are They That Mourn 5.36
05 - Behold All Flesh Is As The Grass 8.13
06 - Ye Now Are Sorrowfull, Yea I Will Comfort You 5.36
07 - How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place 6.02

Wedding Songs of the Bantu - Arr. P. Seger
08 - Father, Father goodbye 1.15
09 - Eh Metwala 2.23
10 - It Is Written 1.52

11 - We Shall Overcome 1.48 - Last Performance of the Senior Class A Capella Choir of 1964


Pianist - Miss Frances Clay
Director - John H. Carton
Soloist - Mrs William Voiers


Inter Vestibulum - Giacomo Perti
I Have a Wondrous Joy - Johann Stobaus
Ave Maria - Jean Mouton
A German Requiem (parts 1, 2, 4, and 5) - Johannes Brahms
Three Bantu Wedding Songs - African Melodies

Inter Vestibulum
Although he worked in many forms, Perti is best known today as a composer of church music. He lived in Bologna in the late 17th Century. This motet is a settting of part of Joel 2:17.
Kneeling between the hass and altar,
All weeping let the priests of god be crying,
Lord be merciful to thy people,
And give not into reproach thine children.

I Have a Wondrous Joy
Stobaus worked in Saxony in the early 17t Century. His compositions consist mostly ofsmall-scaled, delicately wrought motwets and a few festal choral pieces. This selection is a fine example of the former. For this performance we have selected two of the verses with a repeat. The English realization is by von Hagen.

Ave Mari
Mouton was one of the outstanding composers of the French Renaissance. He lived in paris in the late 15th Century. This warm, unusually pellucid little piece is frequently heard in choal concerts in Europe. The eddition used is that of Paul Boepple.

A German Requiem
Completed in 1868 when Brahms was 35 years old and the work which established his reputation as a composer, A German Requiem is one of the master’s greatest compositions as well as being the most imposing choral composition since Beethoven. It is supposed that the work reflects the composers sorrow on the death of his mother and the passing of his friend and fellow composer, Schumann. The first performance of the work was given in April of 1868. A critic wrote of the occasion, “Never had the cathedral been so full, never had the enthusiasm been so great.” It at once became clear that the Requiem would rank among the loftiest music ever given to the world.

1. Blessed Are They That Mourn
2. Behold All Flesh Is As The Grass
3. Yea, I Will Comfort You, As One Whom His Own Mother Comforteth. (soprano solo)
4 How Lovely Is thy Dwelling Place, O Lord Of Hosts

The Ayer High School A Capella Choir is a regular academic course within the regular schedule of studies in the Ayer Junior-Senior High School. The course is a major academic subject. The Choir has ben the consistent first place winner in local and district competitions.


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