Ayer High School Acappella Choir, 1961-1964 (Currently in Development - only text based web pages currently available)

Ayer High School 1961-63, Pond Street
Ayer Jr. - Sr. High School 1964, Washington Street

Mr. John Carton directed the Acappella Choir over the course of these years.

Recordings and Program notes:

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Ayer High School Acappella Choir and the Lunenburg High School Concert Choir, Joint Christmas Concert
Recorded at Ayer Town Hall, Main Street, Ayer, Massachusetts, December 1961

Selections from the Vivaldi "Gloria" - Joint Choirs
The Ayer High School "Folk Singers"

Spring 1962 Pops Concert
Acappella Choir
The Folk Singers
AHS Band
Pops Staged Production Songs

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Individual songs and performances for 1963-4 are grouped here awaiting more definite information on exact dates and database information. As each song title becomes more definite it will be moved to an appropriate dated page.

Christmas Concert - December 20, 1963
Christmas Concert - December 1964

April Is In My Mistress' Face

The Silver Swan

The Little Drummer Boy

Hol' de Light

A White Dove

I Have a Wonderous Joy - Johann Stobaus

Inter Vestibulum - Giacomo Perti

"A Little White Hen"

Break Forth Into Joy

"Chop Suey" - Pops

"Climbing Up The Mountain"

In Peace and Joy

Let My People Go

"Love Isn't as It Once Was"

"Oh What a Beautiful Morning"

One Heart

"There's a Place for Us (Somewhere) different performance than 1962 Pops"

The Celtic Hymn


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Selectsion from "A German Requiem" Johannes Braham's (Ayer Jr. Sr. High School Cafe-torium)

1 - Blessed Are They That Mourn

2 - Behold All Is As The Grass

3 - Ye Shall Have Comfort

4 - How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place

The soloist for the High School performance was Mrs Donald Adams of Lunenburg (wife of Donald Adams, Choir Director, Lunenburg High School).

Harvard Town Hall Concert, December
Ave Maria - Jean Mouton - MIA
I Have a Wondrous Joy - MIA
Inter Vestibulum - Giacomo Perti

Three Bantu Wedding Songs
African Melody: - MIA
African Melody: - MIA
African Melody: Praetoria - MIA

The African Bantu Wedding Songs and the selections from the Braham's "A German Requiem" were also performed at the Harvard Town Hall at about the same date. The soloist was Mrs William Voiers of Harvard, the pianist was Miss Frances Clay. The Harvard recordings are currently MIA.

The complete recording of the play: Down In The Valley: 30 minutes 4 seconds

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Playbill from "Camelot"

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